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PFPD: Rear Bumper Dragged at 62 mph – DUI Charge To Ex-Trustee

Park Forest, IL-(ENEWSPF)- A former Village Trustee was charged with DUI in early July. The man allegedly drove on Western Avenue at a speed of 62 mpg with the rear bumper of his car dragging on the street behind him. Mr. JeRome Brown served one term as a Trustee for the Village of Park Forest, elected in April 2013. He served one four-year term.

Police arrested JeRome Brown, 514 Blair St., Park Forest, on July 2 and charged him with driving under the influence of alcohol, aggravated speeding, no insurance, and improper bumper.

Report: Car Dragging its Rear Bumper

SouthCom Dispatch advised patrol units at 11:09 PM they received an emergency call regarding a white Lincoln sedan dragging its rear bumper northbound on Western Avenue. The Lincoln was traveling at approximately 60 mph, according to dispatchers.

The caller advised that the Lincoln was at Western Avenue and Hemlock Street. Two officers who were nearby saw a white Lincoln sedan traveling North on Western Avenue that matched the description the caller provided, according to police. According to the report, the Lincoln was dragging its rear bumper behind it.

One officer allegedly captured the vehicle on radar traveling 62 mph in a 35 mph zone, according to police.

Another officer conducted a U-turn and was able to catch up to the vehicle at Western Avenue and 26th Street, according to police. According to the report, that officer activated her emergency lights and curbed the car. Two other officers arrived on the scene to assist.

Police: Car Had “Extensive Damage” Besides the Bumper

JeRome Brown, car dragging bumper
JeRome Brown. (PFPD)

Police say the Lincoln had extensive damage, including the rear bumper, which had fully detached from the vehicle’s body. It was being dragged by a small piece of plastic, according to police. Police also observed damage to the left front bumper and the right front bumper near the wheel and fender.

The car was covered in mud, grass, leaves, and “other outdoor debris,” according to police.

One of the officers approached the driver, later identified as JeRome Brown. Mr. Brown allegedly told the officer he was not doing good due to the condition of the car, according to police.

Police: Driver Doesn’t Know What He Hit

The officer asked what happened to his car. Mr. Brown allegedly said, “I hit something way back in another town, and I’m tryna [sic] to get back to the house,” according to the report. The officer asked Mr. Brown what he hit. He allegedly responded, “Ugh, I don’t, I have no idea,” according to the report.

According to the report, the officer began naming possibilities like backing into something or hitting another object. Mr. Brown then said, “I backed into something. I got out of my car to see what it was, but I didn’t see anything,” according to the report.

The officer then asked for Mr. Brown’s driver’s license. According to the report, Mr. Brown told the officer he did not have his driver’s license but provided his name. When the officer asked his date of birth, Mr. Brown continued to state, “Brown, Brown,” according to police. The officer asked two more times what his birthday was. Mr. Brown “took a few seconds to remember before providing said information,” according to the report.

The reporting officer said that Mr. Brown “had a distinct slur and was slow to answer basic questions,” according to the report.

Driver Allegedly Admits to Drinking 3 Beers

The officer returned to her patrol vehicle to conduct a name inquiry. She learned that Mr. Brown did have a valid driver’s license. When she returned to the car, she learned that another officer had asked Mr. Brown if he had been drinking. Mr. Brown allegedly admitted that he had been, according to the report. Police asked Mr. Brown how much he had to drink, and he reportedly said that he had three beers, according to the report.

Driver Takes Field Sobriety Tests

Mr. Brown agreed to take Standard Field Sobriety Tests. After the tests, police informed Mr. Brown they were arresting him on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol. Police placed him in handcuffs and secured him into the rear of a squad vehicle.

At the Park Forest Police Department, Mr. Brown allegedly refused to submit to a breathalyzer, according to the report. Police released him at 1:25 AM on an Individual Bond, according to the report.

About Police Reports

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