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PFPD: Man Bites Off Another Man’s Lip: More December 2022 Reports

Detective Sergeant Rimovsky seated among colleagues
Police announced that Sergeant Rimovsky, seated among colleagues at the Park Forest Police Department, is now Detective Sergeant Rimovsky, having earned a promotion. (Photo: PFPD)

Park Forest, IL-(ENEWSPF)- A man allegedly bit off another man’s lower lip in a dispute over $10. In a report from mid-December, police said the man allegedly admitted to being high on PCP when he committed the act, leaving the other man holding his lower lip in his hand when police arrived.

This is one of three more reports from December 2022. The year did not end well for some.

Domestic Battery

Omar D. Prince, 26, 175 Indianwood Blvd., was arrested on December 15 and charged with domestic battery when police responded to a residence on Indianwood at 11:56 AM regarding a disturbance report. When police arrived, they found a man bleeding from the mouth in front of the home. This man was later identified as Mr. Prince.

According to witnesses, Mr. Prince and another man got into an argument over $10, according to police. Mr. Prince then allegedly grabbed a knife and cut the other man, and subsequently bit off his lower lip, according to police. Police observed the other man and saw a large laceration on the left side of his face, and a large portion of his lower lip was missing from his mouth, according to police.

The man was holding his lower lip in his hand, according to police.

An officer asked Mr. Prince what had happened, and he allegedly said that he forgot because he was still high from smoking PCP the day before, according to police. An officer asked Mr. Prince how the other man got his injuries, and Mr. Prince said that he did not know, according to the police.

Mr. Prince allegedly said that the knife he had wielded broke because Mr. Prince was trying to stab the other man in the face, according to police. The officer asked Mr. Prince how many times he stabbed the other man, and Mr. Prince allegedly said once, according to police.

Domestic Battery and Aggravated Assault

Victor T. Townsel, 47, 320 Shabbona Drive, Park Forest, was arrested on December 17 and charged with domestic battery and aggravated assault when police were dispatched to Shabbona Drive at 6:58 AM to investigate a report of a domestic disturbance.

A woman told police that she was awakened by Mr. Townsel, who entered her bedroom and snatched the covers from on top of her, according to police. Mr. Townsel allegedly grabbed her by her clothing and began to “rough her up,” according to police. Mr. Townsel then allegedly reached into his pants and pulled out a gun, according to police. Mr. Townsel allegedly pointed the gun at her and told her, “I will shoot you,” according to the report.

The woman told Mr. Townsel she was going to call the police and feared that he was going to shoot her, according to police. Mr. Townsel then left the bedroom and went towards the back door, according to police. The woman also left the bedroom and walked behind Mr. Townsel, according to police.

Mr. Townsel turned around and allegedly smacked her in the face with his hand, knocking her to the floor, according to police. Mr. Townsel then exited the residence via the back door, according to police.

The woman then called the police.

Felony Manufacturing/Delivery of Ecstasy

Tenail R. Guest, 43, 430 Navajo St., Park Forest, was arrested on December 18 and charged with one felony count of manufacturing/delivery of ecstasy (Class X), one felony count of possession of ecstasy (Class 1), one misdemeanor count of leaving the scene of a property damage accident, illegal transportation of cannabis inside a motor vehicle, and illegal transportation of liquor.

Police responded to the 100 block of Shabbona Drive at 3:23 AM to investigate a report of an accident. SouthCom Dispatch advised responding officers the driver of a maroon 2018 Dodge Ram pickup allegedly fled the area on foot, according to police.

Police located Mr. Guest walking southbound on Navajo Street toward Shabbona Drive, according to police. Mr. Guest allegedly admitted to an officer that he was involved in the accident, according to police. Mr. Guest allegedly stated that he was tired and dozed off, according to police.

An officer noted that he smelled the odor of alcohol coming from Mr. Guest’s breath and also noticed that his eyes were glassy, according to police. Mr. Guest allegedly said that he left the scene to avoid a confrontation but intended to go back to the scene of the accident, according to police.

Police told him that he was under arrest.

While an officer was driving Mr. guest to the Park Forest Police Department, the officer saw Mr. Guest allegedly attempt to reach into his pockets, according to police. The officer told Mr. Guest the stop reaching into his pockets and that he was watching him, according to police.

At the police station, officers noted that Mr. Guest was wearing two pairs of pants which is against protocol for someone to be housed in a holding cell, according to police. An officer advised Mr. Guest that he would have to remove one pair of pants, according to the report.

Mr. Guest had on a pair of jeans which he was wearing over a pair of thermal pants, according to police. Mr. Guest elected to keep the jeans on instead of the thermals, according to police.

As Mr. Guest was taking off his thermal pants, an officer noted a clear knotted plastic bag fell out from his underwear, according to police. The bag contained multiple pills of suspected ecstasy/MDMA, according to police.

Mr. Guest asked the officer if he could dispose of the pills, according to the police.

The officer placed Mr. Guest back into handcuffs and conducted an additional search, and he found no other contraband, according to police. Inside Mr. Guest’s vehicle, on the other hand, police found a Ziploc bag containing suspect cannabis, a Ziploc bag containing gummies with suspect THC, and a 375 mL bottle of tequila which was approximately half empty, according to police.

Mr. Guest allegedly told police that he had just purchased the pills from someone in Chicago and paid $100 for 50 pills. He told police he bought the pills for New Year’s Eve, according to the report.

Editor’s Note: We got a bit ahead of ourselves — by a year — and marked these as reports from 2023. We have corrected the error.

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