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Park Forest Police Blotter Reports Through December 25, 2019

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Police remind residents to avoid a $25 ticket and move their vehicles from designated snow routes when there will be at least 2 inches of snow. (Photo: PFPD)

Park Forest, IL-(ENEWSPF)- These police reports include arrests through December 25, 2019. Charges for those arrested include driving while license was suspended, domestic battery, and possession of a controlled substance. Another man was arrested in connection with a warrant. Police provided him food when he told them he had not eaten in two days.

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eNews Park Forest has always published addresses of those arrested and will continue to do so. 5 ILCS 140/2.15 states that the governmental body (for these reports, the Police Department), shall release information on those who have been charged, including their name, age, and address. This information is necessary to ensure the proper identity of those arrested.

An arrest does not mean that a person is guilty. All those arrested are presumed innocent until proven guilty. It is the policy of eNews Park Forest to not remove items in the public record from publication. If your name is listed in the police reports, we will only add information relevant to the final disposition of the case at hand, e.g. “Mr. Smith was subsequently acquitted,” “Mr. Smith entered a guilty plea,” or “All charges against Mr. Smith were subsequently dropped.” We will do so upon receiving and verifying proof of such disposition.

Persons wishing to leave anonymous information on any criminal matters including narcotics or gang activity are encouraged to call the Park Forest Police Department Investigations Division at (708) 748-1309.

eNews Park Forest reports this information because the public in the United States has the right to know.  When that information is withheld or under-reported, it leaves questions.  We also want to show the work that the police force does every day that is not reported.  Police in Park Forest respond to thousands of calls per year, the vast majority of which do not end up with arrests.  Whether it’s conducting a routine investigation, pulling over a drunk driver, or responding to a possible theft at a store, the work of the police officer deserves acknowledgment by the public.

Driving While License Suspended

Gaumal E. Drake, 31, 442 Normal Ave., Chicago Heights, was arrested on December 20 and charged with driving while license was suspended, obstructing identification, failure to signal, and also issued a municipal citation charging possession of cannabis. at 4:46 AM, an officer observed a silver 2001 Mercury Sable pull into the Lifetime Auto parking lot at the corner of Western Avenue and 26th Street, according to police.

The vehicle started to pull forward and then back up several times near the entrance of the business, according to police. The car then drove northbound onto Western Avenue and the driver allegedly failed to signal a left turn onto westbound Illinois Street from Western Avenue, according to police.

After following the vehicle around for 10 minutes, the car parked in the 200 block of Kentucky Street, according to police.

The officer drove past the vehicle and, while he did so, the driver, later identified as Gaumal E. Drake “ducked down into the passenger seat” in an alleged attempt to avoid being seen, according to the report.

The officer turned around, positioned his vehicle behind Mr. Drake’s car, and activated his emergency lights.

As the officer spoke with Mr. Drake, the officer smelled a strong odor of cannabis emanating from the vehicle and saw an open container of alcohol near the driver’s seat and the back seat, according to police. When the officer asked for Mr. Drake’s identification, Mr. Drake allegedly provided a broken driver’s license which identified him under a different name, according to police.

The officer advised Mr. Drake that he did not look like the person in the photo of the ID, according to police. Mr. Drake then provided the officer with a different name, according to police.

The officer was unable to positively identify Mr. Drake at that time, according to the report.

After searching vehicle, the officer located a wallet containing IDs, a Social Security card, and credit cards belonging to a woman, according to police. Mr. Drake first said that he did not know who the woman was but later advised that he sees her at a bar Harvey where he works and that his intention was to return the wallet to her next time he saw her, according to police.

Mr. Drake also told the officer that he did not plan on committing “identity theft” with her information, according to the police.

Mr. Drake’s vehicle was later towed and seized under local ordinance, according to police.

While searching Mr. Drake’s person, the officer found a small plastic baggie containing suspect cannabis in the front pocket of Mr. Drake’s jacket, according to police.

While at the station, Mr. Drake told the officer his real name which was later confirmed via a fingerprint inquiry, according to police. After a law enforcement database search, the officer discovered that Mr. Drake’s driver’s license was suspended, according to police.

Possession of a Controlled Substance

Beatrice L. Dykes, 54, 293 Boston St., Chicago Heights, was arrested on December 22 and charged with one count of possession of a controlled substance, one count of possession of drug paraphernalia, and issued traffic citations charging use of an electronic communication device while driving, and operation of an uninsured motor vehicle.

An officer was in the parking lot of a business in the first block of Norwood Boulevard when he observed a woman driving a blue Honda SUV traveling southbound on Western Avenue. The driver allegedly had a cell phone held up against her right ear, according to the police.

It was 2:30 PM.

The officer exited the parking lot and drove southbound, catching up to the vehicle, and activated the emergency lighting on his patrol vehicle. The officer curbed the Honda in the parking lot of the former First Midwest Bank, 2 Main Street. Ms. Beatrice L. Dykes was the driver and the sole occupant of the vehicle, according to police.

Ms. Dykes told the officer that she did not have a driver’s license or proof of insurance with her as her purse was recently stolen, according to police. When the officer conducted a LEADS inquiry he discovered that Ms. Dykes did have a valid Illinois driver’s license and that she was on Mandatory Supervised Release (MSR) parole with the Illinois Department of Corrections, according to police.

Another officer arrived to assist.

Ms. Dykes confirmed to one of the officers that she was on parole, according to police. The officer informed her that due to her MSR role status she was subject to warrantless searches by police.

An officer asked her if there was anything illegal in the vehicle. Ms. Dykes allegedly replied, “Probably crack,” according to police.

While searching the vehicle, police located a used piece of a copper scrubbing pad “Chore Boy” in Ms. Dykes’ purse which was resting on the center console, according to police. According to police, Chore Boy and other steel products are drug paraphernalia used by people to smoke crack cocaine. The wire product is used as a filter in crack pipes, according to police.

Police also discovered a plastic baggie containing an off-white rock substance, suspect crack cocaine, located under the driver’s seat of the vehicle and two glass smoking pipes located in a garbage bag in the trunk of the vehicle, according to police. Police further found a baggie containing an off-white rock substance located in the glove compartment and a baggie containing an off-white rock-like substance in a wallet that was on the front seat passenger floor, according to police.

Ms. Dykes’ vehicle was towed from the scene.

Possession of Cannabis: No Arrest

Vincent T. Culbreath, 19, 4334 Birchwood Rd., Richton Park, was issued citations on December 24 charging possession of cannabis and speeding 60 mph in a 35 mph zone.

An officer was conducting stationary radar patrol of Sauk Trail traffic near Rich East High School at 8:07 AM when he observed a vehicle allegedly traveling 61 mph in the posted 35 mph zone and initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle, according to police. Mr. Vincent Culbreath was the driver and lone occupant of the car, according to police.

The officer performed a search of the interior of the vehicle and located a clear glass jar containing nine Ziploc baggies in the center armrest console, according to police. Each of the baggies contained suspect cannabis, according to police.

The officer issued citations to Mr. Culbreath and he was released from the scene on his signature, according to police.

Cook County Warrant. Alleged Offender Hadn’t Eaten in 2 Days

Jimmie L. Bobbitt, 43, 6829 S. Damen Ave., Chicago, was arrested on December 24 in connection with a Cook County bond forfeiture warrant out of Park Forest on a charge of cruelty to animals.

An officer was patrolling at approximately 2:31 PM when he saw two men in the parking lot of the closed Speedway gas station, 402 Sauk Trail. One of the men was angrily yelling and “flailing his arms, appearing to be arguing with someone across the Street,” according to the report. That man then allegedly threw an aluminum can on the ground in the parking lot, according to police. The other man was standing near him and did not give the officer any reason for concern, according to the report.

The officer approached the man to make sure they were okay and that there was no active disturbance. The officer asked the man who had thrown the cam to pick it up, which he did, according to police.

That man, Mr. Jimmie Bobbitt, said that he had just gotten into an argument with a woman and that everything was okay, according to police. The man indicated that they were okay and began walking away.

After the officer returned to his patrol vehicle, Mr. Bobbitt walked toward the officer and yelled to him, saying his name was Jimmie. Mr. Bobbitt appeared to be intoxicated and was volunteering more information than was necessary throughout the encounter, according to the report.

The officer asked Mr. Bobbitt his last name which he provided. The officer then returned to his patrol vehicle and checked a law enforcement database and learned that Mr. Bobbitt of the active Cook County bond forfeiture warrant.

The officer placed Mr. Bobbitt into handcuffs and transported him to the Park Forest Police Department. At the Park Forest Police Department, Mr. Bobbitt told the officer that he was unable to post any amount of bond and he did not want to place a phone call to anyone.

Police fed him without delay as he indicated that he had not eaten in two days, according to police.

He was processed on the warrant and held at the police station pending transportation to the Markham Courthouse for a bond hearing, according to police.


Cornelius Allen, 28, 833 University Ave., Matteson, was arrested on December 25 and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, driving under the influence of alcohol with an alcohol content greater than 0.08%, failure to reduce speed to avoid a crash, no proof of insurance, and leaving the scene of an accident.

Police were dispatched to the 100 block of Orchard Drive at 2:17 AM to investigate a report of a motor vehicle accident. SouthCom Dispatch related that a collar said a car drove through the north side gate of Ludeman Center and left the scene, according to police. One of the responding officers saw a damaged outer perimeter fence on the northeast corner of Ludeman Center. The officer also found an Illinois license plate on the ground.

There was no vehicle at the crash scene.

The officer discovered that the license plate was registered to a black 2016 Nissan Infinity station wagon leased by a woman in Matteson, according to police.

While they were on the scene, SouthCom Dispatch told officers that a Matteson police officer had located the Infinity at 214th Street and Jeffrey Street in Matteson. An officer responded to the scene in Matteson. That officer brought Mr. Cornelius Allen from the scene in Matteson to the Park Forest Police Department.

The Park Forest Fire Department responded to the police station and examined Mr. Allen who signed a waiver to the paramedics, refusing to go to the hospital, according to police. Mr. Allen had slurred speech, glassy eyes, and officers detected an odor of an alcoholic beverage emanating from his breath, according to police.

An officer advised Mr. Allen that because police suspected that he had been driving under the influence of alcohol earlier, the officer would conduct a field sobriety test, according to police. After the field sobriety tests, the officer advised Mr. Allen that he was being charged with a DUI.

At 4:10 AM, an officer administered a breathalyzer test which indicated that Mr. Allen had a breath alcohol content of 0.151%, according to police.

Domestic Battery

Jamarr J. Newman, 29, 353 Minocqua St., Park Forest, was arrested on December 25 and charged with domestic battery after police responded to the 400 block of Suwannee Street at 12:55 PM to investigate a report of a domestic dispute.

According to police, Mr. Newman became irate when he realized that his cell phone would not sink with the Ring Doorbell camera at the residence on Suwannee Street, according to police. Mr. Newman allegedly pushed a woman who then dialed 911 for police assistance, according to police.

Domestic Battery

Carl J. Jenkins II, 29, 3048 Western Ave., Park Forest, was arrested on December 25 and charged with domestic battery after police were dispatched to the 3000 block of Western Avenue to investigate a possible domestic battery incident.

According to police, Mr. Jenkins allegedly smacked a woman in the face with an open hand, pushed her on the floor, and allegedly stomped on her.