Local Police Reports

What About All Those Police Reports We’re Hiding In Park Forest Every Week?

Police Reports December 29, 2011
The typical stack of police reports. (Photo: ENEWSPF)

Dear Friends:

There is no cover-up in Park Forest.

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No one is hiding police reports from the public.

On a typical week, the above is what I usually find in Park Forest. "The above" is that tall stack of reports.

Some of them are from months ago, investigations ongoing.

Many are from earlier in the current month, yet unfilled, still active.

I sort through all of these reports every week, generally going back 10 days from the last time I was at the PFPD. The rest I set aside.

If you haven’t seen a report in print, then that report has not been cleared for the press.

That means the "DTs" still have it, the "detectives".

The press will have that report as soon as they have finished with it.

Some reports are restricted for a time.

Sexual abuse against minors, for example.

The public will learn when an arrest has been made, when no one is at risk if the information is released.

However, I assure you, if my word has any meaning, Park Forest withholds nothing. In fact, our police are proud to share their work — in the fullness of time.

When it’s okay for the victims.

When it’s okay for all.

Summer and Fall at Prairie State College