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Software Enhances Park Forest Police Department’s Field Training Program

Park Forest, IL-(ENEWSPF)- The Park Forest Police Department acquired the L.E.F.T.A. System’s web-based software to document the field training of their new recruits. The FTO software saves time in tracking field training and documenting performance that can now be used to train the recruit. Self populated reports such as the Daily Observation Report Tracking and Recruit Call Activity Report will document a recruit’s performance without causing extra work for the Field Training Officer.

“The Field Training Officers are very impressed with it,” adds Park Forest Police Chief Tom Fleming. “This is the new software we are using to document training of recruit officers. It is working well.”

Police agencies throughout the country are using software to write offense reports, crash reports and even have modern crime analysis programs that dictate manpower distribution. Unfortunately, the same agencies still use antiquated paper methods to document their training of recruits. During the field training process, several hundred pages of documentation accumulate per recruit. This training documentation has to be printed, signed, sorted, scanned, filed and stored up to thirty years or more after the employee has left the agency. L.E.F.T.A. System’s software was created to help eliminate many of the costs and time associated with the documentation of police agency’s FTO programs.

The L.E.F.T.A. Systems software will enhance the Park Forest Police Department’s FTO program by reducing paperwork, increasing training time and saving money. In the truest sense of the word the Park Forest Police Department’s FTO program has gone GREEN.

More information regarding the L.E.F.T.A. System can be obtained by visiting their website at www.leftasystems.org or calling their toll free number: 1-888-90-LEFTA.