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What is Non-Partisanship in Park Forest?

Non-Partisan Committee in Park Forest, non-partisanship
The Non-Partisan Committee in Park Forest
By Elissa Seeman
Secretary, Non-Partisan Committee in Park Forest

Park Forest, IL-(ENEWSPF)- As the Non-Partisan Committee in Park Forest restructures, we encourage residents to become more involved to keep this nearly seven-decade-long tradition moving forward. Look for a number of articles and videos from the Non-Partisan Committee in the coming months inviting you, members of the community, to learn more and become involved. Here we address the most basic question: What, exactly, is non-partisanship in Park Forest?

What is Non-Partisanship?

Non-partisanship is an agreement between each candidate to run for local office without affiliating with a political party or forming a slate with other candidates. Instead, the non-partisan agreement asks each candidate to stand on his or her own and speak to residents about his or her ideas for leadership.

What are the benefits of Non-Partisanship?

For the candidates, running in a non-partisan fashion means savings in the cost to run for office. The work of the volunteers of the Non-Partisan Committee reduces the cost of running for office by having the Non-Partisan Committee host forums and distribute a candidate statement brochure.

Likewise, each candidate stands on her or his own, in a unique position to share their platform, views, and vision for Park Forest.

For every resident, the benefit of bringing out the best in each candidate. When a candidate runs as an individual, the candidate is empowered to call on the best within him or herself and share that with the residents. 

What does the Non-Partisan Committee (NPC) do?

The committee plans and hosts public election forums held at Village Hall for residents to meet candidates. There are usually four forums held in the months before the election in April. Forums allow residents to get to know the candidates prior to voting in the election. Video of the forums is shared on the village website for residents to view after each forum.

What is an election forum?

An election forum is a meeting hosted by the board members of the Non-Partisan Committee or the League of Women Voters. At the forum, the Non-Partisan Committee Chairperson presents questions from residents for the candidates to answer.

Only candidates who abide by the signed agreement presented to them by the Non-Partisan Committee may participate in the election forums.

What is NPC membership?

Membership dues are good for two years and are $3 for an individual, $2 for seniors, $5 for a family, $20 for contributing, $25 for an organization, and $50 for an angel membership.

Dues help pay for:

  • Website domain
  • Post office box
  • Maintaining nonprofit status with the state
  • Brochure photocopies

Paid members have the privilege of asking questions of candidates aloud during the forums.

We encourage you to support the Non-Partisan Committee to ensure the non-partisan elections that residents value.

Here’s a video of the Non-Partisan Committee’s meeting last week, our first video podcast!

To learn more about non-partisanship in Park Forest and get involved, email the Non-Partisan Committee at [email protected], write us at PO Box 1001, Park Forest, IL  60466, or send a message to us on Facebook.