Wednesday, June 24: Community March for NuNu, Killed Saturday by Chicago Police

Family and friends of NuNu and of other victims of Chicago Police violence will join community members to demand answers to questions surrounding young man’s death and a stop to police killings.

CHICAGO—(ENEWSPF)—June 23, 2015 — On Saturday June 20th, NuNu was shot multiple times and killed by Chicago police. On Wednesday, June 24th, community members will join friends and family of NuNu and other victims of Chicago Police violence to demand answers. They will meet at 6PM at 71st & Merrill, where NuNu was shot and killed by police.  

According to reported statements by community members in the Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun-Times, NuNu was a respectful young man well known in the neighborhood who was not armed when police shot him.  

A facebook event for the march (https://www.facebook.com/events/431266040389010/) posted by community member William Calloway states:

“Early Saturday morning a young man was shot while unarmed near the intersection of 71st & Merrill. The Chicago Police have conflicting accounts of what happen. Witnesses of the shooting says NuNu was unarmed when fired upon.

There is a PLS store with surveillance footage of the incident that the investigators taped the scene off, and waited 10 hours (til the store opened) to retrieve the footage from the cameras. The same incident occurred in the case of Laquan McDonald. 

The community of South Shore, family and friends, of NuNu will rally Wednesday evening to demand answers of what happen that morning, and demand that these police killings stop.”