SPONSORED: New Business Coming: AUTO-LAB Express – Complete Car Care – Meet the Owners

Larry Fullmer and Wanda Lewis-Fullmer are developers in the state of Illinois of  Auto-Lab Complete Car Care Centers.
Larry Fullmer and Wanda Lewis-Fullmer have been married and business partners since 2015. (PHOTO SUPPLIED)

Park Forest, IL-(ENEWSPF)- Wanda Lewis-Fullmer and Larry Fullmer are developers of the state of Illinois for Auto-Lab Complete Car Care Centers. The two have over 70 years of combined experience in sales and management. The married couple currently own Auto-Lab of Kankakee, IL that has been in operation since July of 2018.  The Fullmers are opening Auto-Lab Express, a quick lube model for the franchise at 2551 Western Avenue in Park Forest, IL, and are excited to add to the economic development of this thriving village.

Auto-Lab is committed to hiring veterans, first offenders, seasoned mechanics, displaced workers, students, and all who need gainful employment at a competitive living wage.

Auto-Lab Express
The site of the new Auto-Lab Express, now hiring. (Photo: Gary Kopycinski)

The culture of Auto-Lab is that of training and development, customer service, and customer satisfaction. Many employees are on a fast track for management and even for franchise ownership. Auto-Lab Complete Car Care Centers offers franchise opportunities to those seeking revenue that can average $750k annually. This results in great generational wealth. The franchise model works well. Those within the Auto-Lab family franchise become entrepreneurs within the recession-proof industry of car repair and benefit from the buying power and the marketing and sales support of a national franchise. Auto-Lab has a national presence and is now expanding within our great state of Illinois. 

Through their company WLF Holdings L.L.C., the Fullmers secured the Auto-Lab franchising rights to Illinois and the Milwaukee metro area as “area developers” for the Auto-Lab franchise program.

Ms. Lewis-Fullmer said she and her husband are “committed to creating the ultimate franchising opportunity,” with an emphasis on recruiting minority businesspeople into this field.

“Black entrepreneurs have thrived in franchising for years and are choosing this route over founding traditional small businesses at a faster rate than the broader population,” she said.

As business partners, the Fullmers said they see the franchise route as a way to “create opportunities for growth … in rough areas; to offer career opportunities in areas where few exist.”

“We looked at a number of other franchise opportunities,” Mr. Fullmer said, “but we were drawn to Auto-Lab because their mission of creating jobs aligned with ours.”

“We are committed to training,” Ms. Lewis-Fullmer said. “We want to help all employees prepare to become their own bosses if they so choose.”

Auto-Lab Complete Car Care Centers repair all things mechanical within cars, buses, and small fleet vehicles including engines, transmissions, brakes, car suspensions, and more. Auto-Lab Complete Car Care Centers provides tune-ups and alignments, offers oil changes, tire changes, and tire balancing. The Auto-Lab Express Quick Lube offers oil changes to those in need of a quick and efficient oil change service. 

Auto-Lab offers a 24-month or 24,000-mile warranty on parts and labor; this is unmatched throughout the car repair industry.

Auto-Lab utilizes proprietary account management software and uses high-tech diagnostic equipment to test our customers’ vehicles, not guess. Our free 33-point inspection helps our team assist our customers with a comprehensive plan for immediate and long-term car repair. It helps customers to schedule needed work based on the most critical repair to general car maintenance to keep vehicles safe. The average car is 11 years old; Auto-Lab will help protect and preserve our customers’ vehicles safely, over time.

This is a SPONSORED STORY with quotes and background material provided by the Fullmers.

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