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Matteson Elementary School Plants Red Maple Tree to Mark National Arbor Day

Matteson Elementary School tree planting
Lonyia Members (l.) president of the Matteson Elementary School Council, fellow council members Sameria Miller (c.) Ryan Johnson (r.) and Matteson School principal Gregory Huelsman plant a red maple tree on the front lawn of the school in honor of National Arbor Day. (Photo Provided)
MATTESON, ILL. –(ENEWSPF)–April 27, 2018
By: Richard Barry

All 454 students of the Matteson Elementary School celebrated National Arbor Day today by witnessing a Sun Valley red maple tree planted in the school’s front yard.

Student council members and school administrators joined with Village of Matteson officials to mark the 26th year the village has been named a Tree City USA, one of more than 3,400 communities across the U.S. that follow sound urban forestry management practices.

Anthony Burton, deputy administrator; Bart Gilliam, manager of public works and Stephanie Blackwell, administrative assistant, represented the Village of Matteson.

“We’re planting this beautiful tree, a gift of the Village of Matteson, so future generations of Matteson Elementary School students, their parents and teachers, can enjoy its many benefits– shade, oxygen and nature’s beauty,” Gregory Huelsman, school principal, explained.

“While many national holidays celebrate people or events of the past, Arbor Day reflects a hope for the future. All over America this week trees are being planted by schools, parks and communities to demonstrate a concern for future generations,” said Dr.  Blondean Davis, Matteson District 162 Superintendent.

“Matteson District 162’s schools mark National Arbor Day, such as this event in cooperation with the Village of Matteson, because we believe it important to educate children of all ages on the value and importance that trees play in our lives, our environment and on our planet. Our students are learning about the care of trees and their importance to plant, animal and human life.” Dr. Davis said.