Rep. Schakowsky Statement on Supreme Court Ruling on Arizona Immigration Law

Washington, D.C.–(ENEWSPF)–June 25, 2012 – Today, Rep. Jan Schakowsky released the following statement after the Supreme Court declared three out of four key provisions of Arizona’s SB 1070 unconstitutional:

“I am pleased that the Supreme Court struck down three out of the four key provisions of Arizona’s dangerous immigration law. The ruling shows that the Obama Administration was right to challenge the law’s constitutionality and reaffirms the notion that the federal government should frame immigration law, not states.

However, I share President Obama’s deep concern that the Supreme Court left in place the discriminatory ‘stop and check’ provision, or the ability for state and local law enforcement to require documentation based on how people look or how they speak. These practices promote racial profiling, compromise equal protection under the law and have already led to credible allegations of wrongful arrests and harassment. I support President Obama’s call for the full protection of civil rights for all.

Our immigration system is broken, and today’s decision underscores the need for national comprehensive immigration reform.  We made a major step forward last week, when President Obama announced a policy to halt the deportation of young undocumented individuals, the so-called DREAMERs.  Yet Republicans continue to stand in the way of long-term solutions like the DREAM Act, which would allow young undocumented individuals to join the military or go to college and have a path to citizenship.  Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has also called Arizona’s unconstitutional immigration policies, a “model”  for the nation. Our country is at its best when its sticks to core founding principles – equality, fairness, opportunity for all. Congress must reform our immigration policies in a commonsense way that reflects our values and moves us forward.”

Source: schakowsky.house.gov