Quinn Pulls Farther Ahead of Brady in Illinois Governor Race

Park Forest, IL—(ENEWSPF)—November 4, 2010.  ABC7 Chicago is reporting that the Associated Press projected today that Governor Pat Quinn will win re-election over Republican state Senator Bill Brady.

On Tuesday night, Quinn was ahead of Brady by approximately 8,000 votes.  As of Thursday afternoon, Quinn now leads by more than 19,000 votes with the lead continuing to grow.

“We’ll wait for the election authorities to officially declare it but I think the result is obvious,” said Quinn. “If you did well in arithmetic you can figure it out.”

On Wednesday, Brady said that he believed the uncounted absentee ballots would eventually give him the lead. “There are a number of absentee and military ballots that remain to be counted. We will wait to see them counted,” Brady said. Quinn said he has not spoken with Brady since the election.

Source: ABC7Chicago.com