IL Supreme Court Suspends Western Illinois University University Attorney

News from the Western Courier:

The Illinois Supreme Court has issued a 90-day suspension to Bruce Biagini, a Macomb attorney, who has represented Western Illinois University since the early 1990s and serves as the school’s ethics officer, for an ethical lapse.

The suspension will begin on Oct. 13, 2009.

According to a list of disbarred and suspended lawyers compiled on the Illinois State Bar Association website, “Mr. Biagini, who was licensed in 1972, was suspended after he advised clients to enter into a transaction where they would sell their father’s home to Mr. Biagini’s business partner, who was related to Mr. Biagini’s wife.”

“He advised them to then purchase the house from the business partner pursuant to a contract for deed. He failed to disclose the business and family relationship to the clients,” the report said.

The Illinois Supreme Court reviewed Biagini’s case Tuesday, Sept. 22, stating, “Biagni shall reimburse the Client Protection Program Trust Fund for any Client Protection payments arising from his conduct prior to the termination of the period of suspension.”

Read more here, including a statement from the university appointing Heidi Benson, University co-legal counsel, to serve primary university attorney.