Catholic Cemeteries Offer Up To 300 Burials To The County

Cook County, IL-(ENEWSPF)- Cook County Sheriff Thomas J. Dart extended a debt of gratitude to Roman Szableski, Executive Director of the Catholic Cemeteries of the Archdiocese of Chicago for once again coming to the aid of those less fortunate. Similar to when Mr. Szableski and the Catholic Archdiocese assisted in the Burr Oak Cemetery tragedy, he is once again coming forward to help the County, this time as it relates to the current crisis at the morgue. The Catholic Cemeteries has offered the County up to 300 graves for the bodies currently held at the Medical Examiner’s Office, Sheriff Tom Dart announced in early February.

Recent discussions between the Sheriff and Mr. Szableski regarding the morgue and its current condition steered their talks to what could be done in the short term and long term to help address the problems that have been exposed over the last couple weeks.

The offer from Catholic Cemeteries would bear no cost to the County. It would include up to 300 burials to be conducted like any other ordinary, paid burial. The number of bodies requiring burial will dictate the locations. Locations include Mt. Olivet Cemetery and other local Catholic Cemeteries.