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Big Mon’s Eats & Treats: Spicing Things Up in Park Forest This Summer

Big Mon's Eats & Treats
Big Mon’s Eats & Treats

Park Forest, IL-(ENEWSPF)- One worthwhile and tasty attraction at the annual Park Forest Farmers Market is Big Mon’s Eats & Treats, and there’s still time to enjoy. Every year, in Spring, Summer, and Fall, Park Forest hosts the Farmers Market. Retailers from around the area have been putting their establishments on display in food tents set up throughout the lot next to Dollar General on Main Street.

The Farmers Market hosts vendors that satisfy your taste buds whether you are craving BBQ, Caribbean, Mexican, or candy nuts.

Big Mon’s is run by Ramon Ayala of Chicago Heights, along with his wife and children. Big Mon’s serves up homemade tacos, tamales, nachos, and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos-based snacks.

Big Mon’s Eats and Treats first gig took place in 2017 as an autism benefit for a tattoo parlor, and things took off sporadically from there.

Ayala, 42, currently has his own remodeling business and said that cooking is something that he has always wanted to dabble in. “Over the years, it’s gotten more enticing, and it’s something I want to do full-time in the near future,” said Ayala.

An aspiring artist in his younger years, “Art and cooking feel the same to me because I get to create. You get some raw materials or ingredients and you create something people will enjoy. Cooking is something that I’ve always liked to do, and I like to serve people, also. So, it was like, put one-and-one together, and it just felt right,” said Ayala.

The recipes used at Big Mon’s are traditional as well as family-based. He added that he likes to put his own twist on things to make it his own.

Presently, he is limited to what he can do as far as the food tent idea; however, he plans to move into a restaurant or a taqueria and add a wider variety to his already-delicious menu such as Elotés and Walking Tacos. In addition to that, Ayala intends to arrange a Fusion Friary where he can have some Thai-inspired tacos as well incorporate food items from other cultures. Ayala said, “I plan on having all the conventional stuff, but eventually broaden the menu and see what hits and sticks. I want to try and stand out.”

The reception at Park Forest has been great, and Big Mon’s was asked to return next Spring.

“We’re getting the spot reserved and are making plans to go bigger and better next year.”. When asked what his favorite part of the business is, Ayala replied, “Just being able to create and see the joy in people’s faces. I don’t think anybody really understands until it happens to them until you have it happen to you when you have repeat customers. It’s one thing if it’s one person coming by to try stuff out, but when you have people come every week to get your stuff, then you start seeing this can actually be a reality. It warms your soul. Not only that, the food can speak for itself but when they want to engage in conversation with you and everything. That to me makes my day and makes it all worth it.”

You can catch Big Mon’s Eats and Treats at Park Forest Farmers Market every Saturday until the end of October from 8:00 AM until 1:00 PM or until sold out. You can also find them on Instagram.

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