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DeLuca Highlights Efforts to Help Older Adults and Veterans

Springfield, IL-(ENEWSPF)- State Rep. Anthony DeLuca, D-Chicago Heights, highlights in a statement legislation passed by the General Assembly this session that focuses on issues facing older adults and Veterans.

Measures that DeLuca backed to help older adults would:

  • Make hearing aids more affordable by requiring insurance companies to cover the cost, regardless of age. (House Bill 2443)
  • Crack down on deceptive, “final notice” mail advertising intended to confuse and scam the recipient. (Senate Bill 1440)
  • Establish heating and cooling standards for common interest communities, condominium properties, and rental properties that house individuals 55 and older. (House Bill 2562)

“May is Older Americans Month, and it’s important that we continue to address the unique challenges that older adults are presented with,” DeLuca said. “I’m also making sure that our state budget responsibly funds programs many elder adults rely on, including home-delivered meals.”

As part of efforts to support older adults and Veterans in particular, DeLuca supported plans that:

  • Create an official state awareness day on June 27 to bring attention to the challenges faced by the brave people who received posttraumatic stress injuries while serving their country. (House Bill 2805)
  • Prioritize Veteran-owned businesses to purchase surplus state property before offering it to the public. (Senate Bill 1935)
  • Require housing authorities to develop and implement policies granting housing preferences to Veterans who are homeless. (Senate Bill 2005)
  • Honor our Vietnam Veterans by remembering the contributions and sacrifice of our Veteran heroes on the 50th anniversary of combat troops leaving South Vietnam. (House Resolution 104)

“The brave people who made sacrifices for our country deserve to be prioritized,” DeLuca said. “We should forever be grateful for their service and of the continued freedom we get to enjoy because of their commitment.”