Car Talk (SUV Sales Slump)

Blog Commentary

Have you ever noticed that when one thing crumbles soon after a ripple effect occurs. For example, the economy which is in such bad shape, General Motors was forced to close down several plants in the United States and elsewhere just to stay afloat. From what I heard, the company will cease production of most non fuel efficient trucks and SUV’s, because of gas prices that have now changed consumer behavior. In light of the issue, GM said they will make an effort to produce more fuel efficient cars.  When a company stops making any automobile you know that it is not a good thing.  With the SUV’s and truck sales falling, dealerships are trying to offer huge incentives to keep consumers buying.  

From a consumers prospective, what happens to the people that were loyal and always bought  a truck or SUV from GM and loved it  and are now forced to give it up because of the high gas prices?  If indeed they stop making the Tahoe, Suburban, Yukon, Silverado and more, what impact will that have on the consumer who is now forced to take there business elsewhere?

If this economy and gas prices continue on this trend maybe all trucks and SUV’s will become extinct (in a really extreme case.)