American Flag

I would like to comment on the recent police blotter….

A 12-year-old juvenile who ran away from home last week was found by police lying on the ground in the first block of Park Street using two American flags as blankets. The juvenile said he went into Walgreens and asked an employee for something to keep him warm and she gave him the flags, according to police. The juvenile was charged with a curfew violation and released to his mother.

As a veteran I take great offense to those who desecrate the very flag that I and so many others volunteered to protect. I do not blame the child, however, I do blame the Walgreens employee. I understand the basic needs of humans, but there are many other more viable options to stay warm then using our flag. I will no longer support Walgreens because of this employees actions. 

I realize that most do not understand flag etiquette, but through awareness we can help instill pride in our nation, our states and communities making them a better place to live.