Publishing an obituary on eNews Park Forest

We are here to help you share your tribute to a loved one with the community.

What you should know:

We will publish your obituary as submitted. We do not edit or otherwise change any obituary. We will contact you directly if we spot a potential issue in our review.

Our fee is $100. This provides unlimited text, up to five photographs, publication in our obituary section, and sharing with news readers. Your obituary will always be available once it is published.

You can find plenty of advice online and from other sources on how to write an obituary, and we can answer any questions you may have. We recommend including at least this information, but it is not required:

  • Full name, date of death, place of death, date of birth, place of birth
  • Work/career history
  • Personal lifestyle details – hobbies, volunteer roles, and similar information
  • Surviving family, including city of residence
  • Information about services or burial you want to share publicly.

We will verify a death to avoid fake reports or malicious conduct. To verify, please provide a contact for the funeral home or other service provider.


  • Complete our online form. Include up to 5 photos. The first photo you provide will be the primary photo on the obituary.
  • Carefully review the text, especially to be sure names have no typos or other mistakes.
  • Enter payment information – this will NOT be shared in any manner and is secure.
  • Submit the obituary. Publication will typically occur within 24 hours of submissions received Monday through Friday.
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