The 99% React to Romney’s Empty Retorts and Applaud President Obama

Watch party delivers live translation for Spanish-speaking Latino viewers

DENVER–(ENEWSPF)–October 3, 2012.  In both English and Spanish, members of the 99% lauded President Barack Obama’s debate performance and his continued support of working families and the middle class, while rejecting Republican candidate Mitt Romney’s empty retorts and murky plans.

The audience at the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 105’s debate watch party listened to the first presidential debate ahead of Nov. 6 election between President Obama and Republican candidate Mitt Romney with live translation for Spanish-speaking Latino viewers. SEIU and Colorado WINS members include a range of voters, several of whom are first time Latino voters–a key electorate in Colorado with the potential to the sway the vote in the state.

“President Obama again stood up for workers,” stated Laura Richardson, a second-time Latino voter and SEIU Local 105 member. “In the past few weeks, I have been knocking on doors and meeting voters who support the Affordable Care Act because it means they will have coverage, and yet Romney says he would repeal it and offers no real solution. He just doesn’t understand the needs of everyday people.”

Claudia Esquivel, another SEIU Local 105 member who arrived at the watch party after having successfully knocked on doors and registered dozens of voters, responded to the debate: “Obama laid out his plan honestly and in the interest of working people in America, while Romney didn’t provide any specifics.”

President Obama supporters viewing the debate were energized by his commitment to turnaround the crisis for working people, gain new jobs and secure investments in vital services like education and healthcare.



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