Steelers Fan Sent Home From Seahawks-Crazed School For Jersey

Grendon Bailie in his Steelers gear. (PHOTO SUPPLIED)

School districts should think twice about their policies. This one was just silly.

Still, give it to the kid for showing his team pride.

And the district?


From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

The reception was anything but immaculate Friday, when seventh-grader Grendon Bailie wore a Franco Harris Steelers jersey to his middle school in Tacoma, Wash., on Seattle Seahawks Appreciation Day.

Grendon, 13, scored no points with administrators, who barred him from classes for not following Truman Middle School’s directive that Seahawks jerseys or colors would be the only permitted exceptions from the dress code at the public school.

This time, unlike in the 2006 Super Bowl, the Steelers fell to the Seahawks — Grendon decided to just go home rather than change out of Steelers attire. And that was fine with his parents, Jacqueline B. and Stoughton Bailie Sr., Fox Chapel and Shadyside natives, respectively, and diehard Steeler fans.

The school’s reaction wasn’t totally unexpected by Mr. Bailie, who had encouraged his son to support the team he loved even though the school had made clear the preceding day that only Seahawks or regular school clothing would be permitted.

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