Sierra Club Statement on Historic Lincoln Electric System Clean Energy Purchase

LINCOLN, Neb. –(ENEWSPF)–December 19, 2014.  Today, Lincoln Electric System (LES) announced that it signed 25 year contracts to purchase  73 megawatts of power from the from the Prairie Breeze II wind farm in Nebraska and 100 megawatts of power from the BuckEye wind farm in Kansas.  Both projects will be constructed in the coming year and start producing power in 2015.

LES estimates that the wind energy purchases will save the public power utility approximately $435 million. The savings from projected from wind energy contract also enabled LES to finance a five megawatt solar farm, which will be constructed west of Lincoln. This will be the largest solar project in the state of Nebraska.

LES is now on the path to receiving 48 percent of its power from clean, renewable energy.

In response to today’s news, Ken Winston with the Nebraska Sierra Club released the following statement:

“LES’ investment in clean, renewable wind energy is an exciting step toward a better tomorrow for the city of Lincoln. This is consistent with Mayor Beutler’s efforts to make Lincoln one of the best cities in the United States. Investing in clean energy and moving away from dependence on fossil fuels is the best path we can take to boost our growing clean energy economy and protect our air and water here in Nebraska for future generations.

“This investment in renewable energy shows Lincoln’s intention to join Omaha in taking a leadership role in charting a healthy energy future for Nebraska. We applaud the steps they have taken to create jobs and generate economic benefits in this state.

“While clean energy is growing and expanding at an exciting pace in Nebraska, LES still buys approximately one third of the output from the outdated Sheldon coal-fired power plant, which pollutes Lancaster County’s air and water. LES clearly knows the power and potential of clean energy, which should empower it to continue to move away from coal.”


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