Sierra Club Statement on Fight for 15 Day of Action

Sierra Club Stands with Workers Calling for a Living Wage

WASHINGTON, D.C. –(ENEWSPF)–November 10, 2015.  Today, fast-food workers are coming together and striking all over the country, in more than 500 cities, to fight for a $15-an-hour minimum wage and the right to form a union without retaliation. The Sierra Club is proud to stand in solidarity with these workers who are fighting for a living wage on a living planet.

In response, Sierra Club President Aaron Mair released the following statement:

“These low-wage jobs may be the fastest-growing jobs in the nation, but they are in no way liveable. Nearly half of all workers across the country make less than $15 an hour. Without a living wage, these workers often can’t make ends meet, can’t afford to eat or feed their families and can’t pay the rent. Without a living wage and without healthcare, workers’ lives and the lives of their families are in danger. 

“The Sierra Club stands with the fight for $15 because it is a fight for human rights and a fight for the right to health and safety — just like the fight for a living planet. But the connections don’t end there. This strike is taking on the same corporate business model that poisons our planet. The fast food stores that pay their own workers so little that they can’t afford to eat the very food they sell are running global supply chains that emit the high levels of carbon pollution that destroys our climate, all while clearing our forests, for packaging and palm oil.

“We know that when we fight together, we win together. And these brave workers have already scored major victories across the country, in New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, and San Francisco. We are standing by their side because it’s time to take these victories nationwide.”


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