SEIU’s Rocio Saenz on Gov. Pence: Ultimate Deal Breaker for Latino and Immigrant Voters

WASHINGTON -(ENEWSPF)–July 16, 2016.   In response to Donald Trump’s selection of Gov. Mike Pence (R-Ind.) as his running mate, SEIU Executive Vice President Rocio Saenz issued the following statement:

“Governor Pence and Donald Trump now represent a double threat to the immigrant community.  His support for “self-deportation” and enforcement-only proposals are aligned with Donald Trump and other GOP right wing, anti-immigrant extremists.

“His positions on immigration are anti-immigrant and anti-family. If Donald Trump wasn’t enough to alienate Latino voters, a Trump/Pence ticket will be the ultimate deal breaker for one of the fastest-growing demographics.

“His latest attack against immigrants and their American children came when he joined 25 other Republican governors in a lawsuit that blocked Obama’s executive initiatives on immigration, DAPA and DACA that would have shielded approximately five million undocumented immigrants from deportation.

“Governor Pence is not a friend of the immigrant community.”


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