Palin, And What Now Passes For Reporting

Eric Boehlert

By Eric Boehlert

We’ve noted how the Beltway press corps has adopted a lazy new approach to covering Sarah Palin and how the most regrettable development is that when she posts a Facebook message (read: press release) reporters simply type it up as news.

Well, here’s the perfect example, courtesy of Rupert Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal:

Palin: Latest WikiLeak is Obama’s Fault

See, Palin (or someone working for Palin; reporters have no idea), posted an item on Facebook condemning the president for the latest WikiLeak revelations and so the Journal simply typed it up as news. Its report consists entirely of highlighting and quoting at length what was posted on Palin’s Facebook page.

That’s it. No response from the White House. No quotes from independent experts. Just, here’s-what-was-posted-on-Palin’s-Facebook page. That’s now considered news.

The irony is the Palin item appeared on the WSJ’s Washington Wire blog, which touts itself as the home of “political insight and analysis.” When it comes to Palin though, it’s more like stenography.