John Podesta on the Nomination of Thomas Perez as Secretary of Labor

Washington, D.C.–(ENEWSPF)–March 18, 2013.  In response to President Barack Obama’s nomination today of Thomas E. Perez for secretary of labor, the Center for American Progress released the following statement by CAP Chair and former White House Chief of Staff John Podesta:

I commend President Obama’s choice of Tom Perez, assistant U.S. attorney general for civil rights, as his nominee for secretary of labor. Having spent his career in public service at the federal, state, and local levels, Tom will bring a profound understanding of the challenges facing working Americans to the Labor Department. Workers’ rights are civil rights, and Tom’s time as secretary of Maryland’s Department of Labor and his extensive experience as a civil-rights lawyer have granted him both the policy expertise and the sense of empathy for ordinary Americans that will make him a strong advocate for workers in the Cabinet.