Gold Star Mother, Military Families Liaison for VoteVets, Responds to Trump Crowd Booing Military Mom (Video)

Washington, DC –(ENEWSPF)–August 2, 2016.   Yesterday, at a rally held by Mike Pence, an Air Force mother was booed when she asked Mike Pence about Donald Trump’s statements on the family of Humayun Khan, who died serving in Iraq.  The mother was later identified as Catherine Byrne, the mother of Staff Sgt. Raymond T. Harmon of the U.S. Air Force who, she said, is “is currently deployed in the Persian Gulf. He has been serving in the military since 2008.”

In response, Karen Meredith, a Gold Star mother, and Military Families Liaison for released the following statement:

“The word ‘painful’ barely captures my reaction to seeing a military mom get booed by a Donald Trump crowd, at Mike Pence’s rally, yesterday. We are now seeing the effects of the utter contempt Trump has shown our Gold Star families, POWs, and veterans. He has given a green light for the most hateful Americans to heckle and shout down our military families, when they raise legitimate concerns. A man like that is not fit to be Commander in Chief – ever.

“The Republican leadership must reject Donald Trump. Not just his words, or his actions, but him. By allowing a man who is fomenting anger at military families to remain on the top of the ticket, or by continuing to endorse his candidacy, any words of condemnation are empty.

“Speaker Ryan, Leader McConnell, Chairman Preibus, I am speaking to you directly. Please, for the love of country, reject Donald Trump, and this hatred of our military families he has created.”

Karen Meredith is a Gold Star mother.  Her son, 1LT. Ken Ballard, first deployed to Iraq on Mother’s Day 2003.  She was notified of his death, on Memorial Day, 2004.   Ballard had been killed in combat, near Najaf, Iraq.

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