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Alvarez Trades ‘Guilty’ Plea on NATO Terrorism Charge for Four Months in Boot Camp

Defendant opts for guilty plea rather than indefinite term in jail for making remarks about nonexistent bomb in non-existent Harry Potter book in alcohol-fueled remarks to undercover cops.

CHICAGO—(ENEWSPF)–November 6, 2012. Cook County Jail is a deeply hostile and dangerous place, and today one of the NATO 5 agreed to plea to criminal charges in a move to gain transfer from the hellhole.

24-year-old Sebastian ‘Sabi’ Senakiewicz pled guilty in Cook County Court today to charges related to alcohol-fueled chats with two undercover cops that included talking about a fictitious bomb in a fictitious Harry Potter book.

The Polish immigrant, who was in the process of seeking a green card when he was arrested, will now spend four months in an out-of-county ‘boot camp’ for non-violent offenders, with supporters fearing his immediate deportation once he’s released. He faced 4 to 15 years in prison on the charges.

Senakiewicz is among a group of five people arrested in the run-up to the NATO protests in Chicago this May, including three other defendants arrested on state terrorism charges — an unprecedented application of the never-before-used law. Activists charge that Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez brought the charges as part of a broad strategy by local law enforcement to infiltrate and disrupt peaceful protest activities, to frighten the public and to deter opposition to the NATO meeting.

When police raided Senakiewicz’ apartment in the wake of his drunken remarks, they found no explosives, no contraband — and no Harry Potter book, where the undercover cops, identified as ‘Mo’ and ‘Gloves’ said Senakiewicz may have hidden explosives. The undercover cops secretly audiotaped and videotaped Senakiewicz.

“Sabi pled guilty to a felony state terrorism charge and got 120 days in boot camp,” says Jeff Frank, one of Senakiewicz’ attorneys. “Honestly, how serious was this case? Does this rise to the level of what this statute was designed for? No. Sabi is guilty of imprudent language. That’s hardly grounds to extract a guilty plea for a serious felony, but that’s how Ms. Alvarez has chosen to spend the taxpayers resources.”

“Mo” and “Gloves”, the same undercover cops involved in gathering ‘evidence’ against Senakiewicz, infiltrated anti-NATO projects and Occupy meetings across the city, going so far as to march with protesters on May Day, even leading ‘Black Bloc’ protesters during the action. [ ]

Protesters fear the actions of these undercover cops and others deployed before and during the NATO protests represents a renewal of Chicago’s infamous Red Squad, which widely — and illegally — spied on and disrupted the work of thousands of peaceful protest groups and activists through the 1960s. [ | ]