Why does eNewsPF sometimes look distorted in Internet Explorer 6?

Short answer?  Internet Explorer 6 panics. 

When we are working on our final layout, occasionally we upload a file that is too wide for the layout, particularly in the Clubs & Organizations section at the bottom of the page.  Even headlines that are too long will affect display in IE6.  We always quickly test first in Internet Explorer 6, since if there's going to be a problem with the web page layout, it will show there first.

So, if you are using Internet Explorer 6, you may see a distorted or "exploded" page layout until we fix the problem.  We usually do this very quickly, within a few minutes. 

This was one of the many problems with Microsoft's Internet Explorer 6, which is why we strongly urge all Windows users to upgrade to Internet Explorer 7, which is far more secure, stable, and in compliance with web standards.

Even better, we strongly urge Windows users to use Firefox, found here.  Firefox is everything Internet Explorer 7 hopes to be some day, is far more secure, and always in compliance with web standards.

If you are using a Mac, you're probably laughing at all of this "Windows talk."  But for the PC user, Firefox is the clear winner all around, with IE7 coming in next.