Weather Warnings

Blog Commentary

Despite the rough weather that moved through the southern suburbs, which spawned a tornado causing damage and displacing some Richton Park residents, there seemed to be plenty of warning. I believe that in the past we never had the kind of warning systems and technology in place today to prevent people from harms way.  The reason for my opinion is if you have cable and were watching the Weather Channel, on the day of the storm, then you would have noticed at least a half hour warning for some people before the storm hit. With that said, the Weather Channel was able to provide an accurate description of the tornado as well as the time it would be near certain areas.  To me, 30 minutes seemed like enough warning to gather up important documents and prized personal belongings.  I also believe that as a result of the advanced warnings amazingly there were no serious injuries reported. 

Tornado’s can be hard to predict if knowledge and technology don’t work together.  A computer alone does not do the job.  The combination of storm chasers and meteorologists provide the public with insight on just what to do in the event of severe weather or a tornado.  They should be commended for there efforts and accuracy in reporting severe weather.

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