To the Editor: April 6, 2009

Happy We Could Support the Rich East Band

Thank you so much giving Park Forest such a complete, detailed, informative and resouceful publication.

Tonight we had dinner at McDonalds in Olympia Fields in support of the Rich East Band. It was great entertainment! We were happy to not only support Rich East but also the OF McDonalds for all that they do for the community.

We would not have known about the event had it not been for enews Park Forest.

We sincerely appreciate all of the time and effort you put in to giving Park Forest this wonderful publication.

Sue and Bill Brazzale
Park Forest

Supports Mary Johnson for Prairie State College Board

In January 2008, our son, Sean, who was a sophomore at a large university out of state, let us know that he was struggling to keep up with the demands of his classes.  He is a highly intelligent young man – an advanced placement and honors student in high school – but was just not ready for classes of 300 and living on his own so far away.  We suggested Prairie State College for a while, just till he could get his confidence back.  He agreed and went in to register for classes.  He ran into some problems with financial aid transferring and was given a really hard time.  He was actually told that he could not register for the next term.  On top of his experience at the out-of-state university, this really upset him.

We contacted Mary Lee Johnson who immediately went into action.  She contacted the right people and within hours we were talking to them and explaining what needed to happen.  By the next day, everything was in place.  Mary Lee then went a step further and spoke to Sean.

“Mary told me not to be discouraged by what happened at my other school.  She said that lots of people have similar experiences and to not give up.  She really encouraged me to try different kinds of classes and find out what my interests were.  It has made a real difference for me.  I am finding out that there are lots of areas that I never thought I would like but it turns out I am really good at a lot of things!” said Sean.

Sean has said repeatedly that he is truly grateful for her help.  He is doing extremely well at Prairie State and has been asked to join the National Honor Society again.

Without Mary Lee’s support and intervention, we could easily have become frustrated parents and told our son to go somewhere else.  But Mary Lee showed us that persistence and determination pay off.  She also made sure that the system issues at the college that caused the problem were corrected.  This should not happen to anyone else in the future.

Please support Mary Lee Johnson for the Board of Directors at Prairie State College.  She is a person who really can make a difference.


Jennifer Humbert, Kelly Hallin and Sean Hallin