To the Editor: Mary Lee Johnson Says, ‘Thanks’

Mary Lee Johnson Says, “Thanks.”

Dear friends, neighbors, voters and family;

Twelve years is a long time to volunteer for a cause and as I prepare to leave my seat at Prairie State College as your Trustee, I wanted to share my thoughts.

The times have often been rough and rocky, but no one promised an easy journey; there were tears and laughter, there were arguments along the way. Throughout, the college has grown to meet many of your needs, and I have tried to be the bridge between what you needed and what the school could possibly offer. When you had no voice, I tried to be there and hear you.

I witnessed many commencements and shook the hands of students who never thought they would attain a college degree, but I believed in them, and there they were graduating, one from Richton Park in a powered wheel chair. Wonderful, committed people have come and gone through the doors at PSC, and I so appreciated all of them.

Now it is my turn to say farewell. I want to thank you all for your votes of support, your time and great effort in my campaigns and during my journey at PSC. To my most special friends, know that I am okay, as I am the water that quietly wears on the rocks. My sons and family surround me like tall trees to shelter me from the rain. Soon, on a sunny day, after the rain has passed, I will be involved in another special effort that awaits me.

Thank you all,

Mary Lee Johnson