The Stories Behind Same-Sex Marriages

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) June 19, 2008 — Today Experience Project (http://www.experienceproject.com), the first and largest Social Experience Website, highlighted sharp growth in the online activity around gay and lesbian-related topics, as well revealed the presence of the three major themes emerging from this community’s online discussions. The activity reinforces a growing trend surrounding the importance of online venues for discussion and support in response to major social, political, and cultural issues impacting society.

Stemming from May’s landmark California Supreme Court decision allowing same-sex marriages, Experience Project witnessed over a two-fold increase in already robust activity around lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered (LGBT) topics. With over a million life experiences shared about every aspect of life, Experience Project’s anonymous, supportive and expansive community extends a comfortable place for gay and lesbian individuals and their loved ones to explore, share and connect with others who understand their experiences. Beyond shared insights, members can quickly garner powerful, personalized support from others who understand them.

"People are increasingly turning online to discuss the topics they are most passionate about. Landmark rulings like this affect thousands of lives on both sides of the issue. Be it same sex marriage or one of the millions of other experiences shared at EP, it is incredibly gratifying to see our anonymous experience platform serve as a comfortable and important outlet for people to share the experiences that matter most to them, get support, and be heard."

Gay- and lesbian-related groups on the site represent a community with thousands of members sharing experiences, stories, emotions and opinions on a wide range of LGBT issues and aspects of their lives, such as "I am Gay" to, "I am a Lesbian Mother" to, "I have a Gay Best Friend." A brief analysis of the activity around this topic reveals three major themes:

* Coming out is a stressful and uncertain experience, with little guidance from outside parties. One member said: "…coming out is a very big deal. In order to go through all the trouble of telling everyone, I feel like I need to be completely sure. If I came to the realization that I wasn’t actually gay, it’s so much harder to get back into the straight dating world."

* Friends and family members do not view their loved ones in terms of their sexuality, but rather in terms of who they are as people. An Experience Project member said: "Friends are friends, gay or straight. You are friends with them because of who they are, not their sexual orientation."

* The stereotypes associated with homosexual individuals can feel limiting and create a sense of alienation to gay and lesbian individuals who don’t "fit" the mold. One member shared the following: "Unfortunately, with the title of being ‘homosexual’ seems to come all of these expectations and even ’rules’ depending on where you are… Why would one bust their own comfort zones to ‘come out’ (as it’s called), only to be told that one now has to fit into all of these other stereotypes?"

As discussions and experiences continue to expand around the same-sex marriage decision in California, Experience Project will remain committed to its members and the principles of support, openness, and comfort which have been instrumental in building a community dedicated to authentic and meaningful interactions.

About Experience Project:

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