Taco Bell Shift Manager Charged with Felony Theft

Park Forest, IL–(ENEWSPF)– A Shift Manager at the Taco Bell on Sauk Trail in Park Forest was arrested last week and charged with stealing over $11,000 from the business.

Taco Bell District Manager Elizabeth Brewer reported the alleged theft to Commander Green of the Park Forest Police Department on August 6.

According to police, while working as a shift manager at Taco Bell, Ronald Weston left the business on August 5 with approximately $8693.30 in the bag, with the intention of walking the money to the bank. Weston reported to Richton Park Police Department that while walking to the bank, an unknown suspect came up behind him, placed an unknown object to the back of his head and advised him to lay on the ground. The suspect then took the bag, went through his pockets, and took his wallet as well.

When Richton Park police requested to search Weston’s apartment to clear him as a suspect, he refused, according to police.

According to District Manager Brewer, company policy prohibits any manager from walking any deposits to the bank; the deposits must be driven to the bank. Brewer also informed Commander Green that while she was checking the store deposits, she noticed that the bank deposit for July 31, 2008, in the amount of $3077.51, had not been made. She related that Weston was working that day as a shift manager and it would have been his responsibility to make that deposit.

Brewer advised detectives that she and Weston had a scheduled meeting that afternoon at the Matteson Taco Bell. When Weston left the meeting, Park Forest Detectives Moore and Rzyski arrested him in the parking lot.

At the Park Forest Police Department, Weston allegedly told police that no one had made deposits for the weekend, so there were three days worth of deposits in the safe and he was supposed to deposit them at the bank. Weston said he removed the deposits from the safe and placed them into a Taco Bell bag, according to police. When he left work to make the deposits, he told police that he walked to his residence and allegedly hid the money inside his apartment, according to police.

Ronald Weston, 22, 5 Thomas Court, Richton Park, was arrested and charged with one count of felony theft.