Rich Township Democratic Organization Takes Aim at Green Party Candidates

Commentary: The Rich Township Democratic Organization released the following statement last week regarding Paul Jasinevicius, a candidate for three local offices in the April 7 election, and Valeria Densmore, who is running with Jasinevicius on the Green Party ticket.

The confused ramblings and behavior of Paul Jasinevicius,
no, (which is it this election?….) oh,

in his own words and deeds…

Comment by Paul Jasinevicius

2008-02-18 07:08:50

Why vote for someone who is a good talker? Listening to a lawyer making a good closing argument in court to sway a jury(voters) is something all lying lawyers learn how to do…they can argue either side depending on who hires them. They are professionally trained in the best law schools to win in court, and this court is the court of public opinion. Bottom line is, all that is left in this race on the Democratic side is a couple of lawyers and which one would you trust? I trust Hillary more because for one thing, she doesn’t plagiarize other famous persons lines without first mentioning their names and she doesn’t send her goon squads to heckle at her her opponents rallies. Obama preaches hope but practices the politics of divisiveness. He is a divider and not a uniter. Go Hillary!

Good judge of character (and sentence structure) Paul. You sure know how to pick ‘em…..

A response to a fellow like minded blogger…….

Comment by Paul Jasinevicius

2008-02-18 07:56:11

dmaak112: I agree with you completely in that I also think McCain will win the general election. I vote in Illinois and Illinois has voted Democrat for the past umpteenth years. My vote only counts in Illinois. I supported Ron Paul in the primaries.

Kinda told on yourself, eh? But wait, there’s MORE!

Along with Paul Jasinevisius’ confused ramblings, he found a like-minded person to join him on the GREEN Party ticket. Her name is Valeria Densmore. Densmore and Jasinevicius chose to run against the DEMOCRATIC Party as GREEN Party candidates.

Valerie Densmore’s campaign literature does not own up to the fact that she is a GREEN party candidate! COME ON VALERIE DENSMORE, LET EVERYONE KNOW THAT YOU’RE A GREEN PARTY CANDIDATE AND THAT YOUR RUNNING MATE IS PAUL JASINEVICIUS!!!

Excerpts from the April 9, 2007 edition of eNews Park Forest

Lloyd Betourney of the Public Response Group, reported that he had received new reports that Park Forest Village President candidate Paul Jasinevicius has continued to distribute campaign literature using copyrighted images. In a story first reported in eNews Park Forest, Jasinevicius was warned to stop circulating a campaign brochure that uses the copyrighted images. The images were originally created by the Public Response Group for literature used in Commissioner Brendan Houlihan’s successful bid for a seat on the Cook County Board of Review. …Betourney said he now intends to have legal counsel send a letter to Jasinevicius, again asking him to stop. “I’m going to take legal action to protect our work product, and I have no reservation in doing that. I happen to know that this is a clear violation of copyright law, and he doesn’t have a leg to stand on, other than his ignorance of the law.” …”Paul never contacted Brendan. He never contacted us. He never made an effort to see if this is copyrighted material. He just doesn’t care. And I think that’s a sad commentary on someone who’s running for public office. This guy is certainly not the kind of guy you want in government,” Betourney concluded.

There’s even more, but you get the picture. Misusing the name and philosophy of a party known for environmental protection and building coalitions to get elected is just pathetic. The ends don’t justify the means, Paul. Another untrustworthy guy with poor social skills and a bad track record just recently found that out.

The people want accountability, a solid track record and above all, personal stability, Paul. Trust you with their money and public policy decisions? You should be the last person to accuse anyone of misrepresentation.

Fellow citizens, do you want to be associated with these two Green Party candidates?

Comments from Paul Jasinevicius taken directly from the February 18, 2008 Anti-War.com Blog. The comments were taken directly, in full, unedited and in context.