Rep. Jan Schakowsky Statement on Governor Rauner’s Budget

CHICAGO –(ENEWSPF)—February 19, 2015. Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner presented his budget proposal on Wednesday. Rep. Jan Schakowsky released the following statement in response:

“Governor Rauner’s budget is an assault on our state’s middle class and those striving to get into it. He proposes balancing the budget on the backs of those with disabilities, college students struggling to get through school, commuters trying to get to work, those relying on Medicaid for health services, and public employees who help make our state run.  It does this without a single tax increase for millionaires, like Governor Rauner and his friends.

This is just the same old Republican economic agenda from Governor Rauner.  His proposed budget is just more voodoo economics that will leave Illinois workers and their families worse off.  It cuts the services that the most vulnerable Illinoisans need, including ruthless cuts to critical programs from breast and cervical cancer to autism to community mental health.  As a former State Representative, I stand with my former Democratic colleagues in the Illinois State Legislature in opposition to the Rauner budget.  I am confident that the Democratic legislature will present its own plan that actually takes the perspective and needs of working families into account.

We must make our state a better place for all Illinoisans: raising wages, supporting unions, expanding retirement security, investing in education, continuing advances in mass transit, infrastructure and more.  I hope and expect that the final state budget will look much different from the Governor’s ill-advised first draft.”

Source: Schakowsky.house.gov

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