Rep. Jan Schakowsky Floor Speech Opposing Republican Support for the Confederate Battle Flag

WASHINGTON, DC – (ENEWSPF)—July 9, 2015. South Carolina has acted to remove the Confederate Battle Flag from their capitol grounds. Yet, Republicans in the U.S. House, just last night, unbelievably, inexplicably acted to uphold the same flag through the Calvert amendment. They surreptitiously rushed to have the National Park Service continue to sell this symbol of hate and to keep the Confederate Battle Flag flying on federal lands.  Even worse, House Republicans tried to cloak this shady move with language about the American Flag and the MIA/POW flag. This is astonishing and outrageous. Seemingly, under pressure from our united Democratic Caucus – the Republicans have withdrawn their amendment.

Please click here to see my floor speech opposing the shameful move by the Republicans

Source: www.schakowsky.house.gov