Racism and Hatred Surfaces at Political Rallies

Have you noticed how ugly, dangerous, and toxic this campaign is getting?  If you have not noticed by now, it almost seems like we took a step back in time, or we are stuck in a time warp. I say this because at some of the campaign rallies, (mainly McCain’s) there has been lots of name calling and very dangerous comments from people at McCain’s rallies who are  extremely against Obama.  Some of the comments I fear are so dangerous that it could cause someone to go over board possibly attempting to kill one or both candidates. However, that leads me to the issue of racism. If you look carefully, some people that are at  McCain rallies you can almost see the racism and hatred in there faces. I believe that this election has become so intense and people have become so passionate for there choices for president that it has become an unhealthy obsession. 

 Thanks for reading.