Police Investigate Norwood Storage Burglary

Park Forest Fire Department loses equipment in theft

Park Forest, IL–(ENEWSPF)– An officer on patrol in the vicinity of Norwood Plaza Shopping Center discovered a burglary in progress last week. According to his report, Officer Elliot saw a black male subject in dark clothing exit the rear of a vacant store in the Plaza. The subject was carrying several pieces of copper pipes connected together with duct tape. According to police, the subject looked in the direction of Officer Elliot, dropped the pipes, and entered the vacant store.

Officer Elliot approached the door and observed several bundles of copper pipes taped together with duct tape. He also observed a green work bag with a strap containing numerous tools.

Other officers responded to the scene as well. Police entered the building and conducted an interior search with negative results. Officers observed a hatch in the roof standing open on the second floor of the store. The Park Forest Fire Department responded to the scene with the ladder so that officers could conduct a search of the room.

As officers climbed onto the roof and began their search, a male black subject was observed fleeing on a bicycle from the east side of Norwood Square. He was taken into custody in the Eastgate neighborhood, but was not charged in connection with the burglary at Norwood. Rather, it was determined that he had a valid arrest warrant from Chicago Heights Police Department for allegedly failing to appear in court on a charge of possession of cannabis.

Police also observed several doors to storage units behind the vacant store that had all their locks pried from the frames. One of the storage units is used by the Park Forest Fire Department. Chief Wilcox was contacted and responded to the scene. Upon inspecting the interior of the storage unit, it was determined that numerous items have been removed without the knowledge or permission of the village of Park Forest. Among the items missing are two spare ambulance cots valued at $2000 each.

Police continue to investigate.