Park Foresters Soon To Save Money Through Municipal Electric Aggregation Program

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Park Forest, IL-(ENEWSPF)- In the last municipal election, Park Forest residents approved the Municipal Electric Aggregation program. Informational and opt-out packages are due to arrive in resident mail boxes over the next few days. Once residents receive these packets, they will have until August 2nd to take the initiative to "opt-out" of the Aggregation Program, Village officials said. 

In the coming days, residents can expect to see reminders on marquee signs throughout the Village, the Village website, and the cable access channels, etc., to heighten public awareness that the opt-out period is upon us. 

Officials estimate that nearly 1,600 residences have already opted out of ComEd service to go to another power supplier with a lower energy rate. With approximately 9,200 ComEd accounts in Park Forest, this equates to 17.4% of Park Forest residents already saving money on their electric bills.

Residents who already chose to go to another power supplier will be able to "opt-in" to the Village’s plan as residents will save 40% off the current ComEd rate.

Among other documents, residents will receive the following in the mail:

Village of Park Forest Electric Municipal Aggregation Program Frequently Asked Questions

What is aggregation?
Under municipal aggregation, local officials bring citizens together to gain group buying power for the purchase of competitively priced electricity from an alternative retail electric supplier certified by the Illinois Commerce Commission.

How is the Village of Park Forest able to choose a certified electric generation supplier on my behalf?
In Election Date, the Village of Park Forest residents voted to allow the Village of Park Forest to contract for an electric generation supplier on their behalf.

How will I know if I can save money under the Village of Park Forest electric municipal aggregation program?
Under this program, you will receive a fixed price of 4.98 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh) for generation. As long as your Price to Compare is higher than this fixed price, then you are saving money.

What do I need to do if I want to be included in this municipal aggregation?
You do not need to do anything to receive the discounted generation pricing under this program.

If I join the Village of Park Forest electric aggregation program, who will deliver my power, read my meter and respond to emergencies, such as power outages?
Your local electric company will be responsible for the delivery of power to your home or business. Since your local electric utility still owns the wires and poles that deliver power to you, it will continue to read your meter and restore power after an outage.

Is your price fixed or does it vary?
In this program, the discount you will receive is fixed, so your price will not change throughout the term of the agreement.

What does “opt out” mean?
“Opt out” means that you can decide not to participate in this electric municipal aggregation program. By returning the opt-out form by the due date, you will not be enrolled in this savings.

What happens if I do not send in the opt-out form?
If you do not return the opt-out form by the due date, you will be included in the Village of Park Forest’s municipal aggregation program and will begin receiving competitively priced electricity from FirstEnergy Solutions.

Can I opt out over the phone?
No, if you want to opt out, you must mail in your completed opt-out form by the due date.

Can I leave the program at a later date?
Yes, you may leave the program at any time.

What are my energy supply choices if I decide to opt out?
You can stay with your current electric utility, which will continue to supply your electricity as it always has, or you can shop for an alternative generation supplier.

If I join the aggregation, can I stay on budget billing?
Yes. Your budget billing will not be affected by your participation in this program.

Can I still have my payment automatically deducted from my checking account as I do now?
Yes. How you pay your electric bill will not change.

Who is FirstEnergy Solutions?
FirstEnergy Solutions Corp., provides competitive electric generation supply and other energy-related products and services to over 1.5 million customers, and is a licensed supplier in Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland and Michigan.

What is the toll-free number for questions?
For answers to your questions, please call 1-866-636-3749, Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., CST.