Letters to the Editor – July 21, 2008

 Urging Governor to Sign HB824

To the Editor:

The League of Women Voters of the Park Forest Area strongly urges Governor Blagojevich to sign House Bill 824 into law.  This bill prohibits campaign contributions from business entities with aggregate state contracts or pending state bids of more than $50,000 to be made to political committees to promote the candidacy of office holders in the Executive branch of Illinois government.  HB824 has been on the Governor’s desk since June 30 and passed both houses without a single dissenting vote!

Signing this bill into law will demonstrate the Governor’s commitment to eliminating the pay-to-play perception of Illinois government.

While we agree that additional changes are needed in the state’s campaign finance laws, the reported reason for his reluctance to sign this bill, HB824 is an excellent first effort.  Illinois citizens deserve fair and honest government.

Judy Lohr, President, League of Women Voters of the Park Forest Area
Barbara Sturges, second Vice President