Judge Delort Ties Record For Best Major Bar Association Ratings

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Judge Mathias Delort. PHOTO SUPPLIED)

Cook County, IL-(ENEWSPF)- Following the public release of the ratings of judicial candidates by the Chicago Bar Association and the eleven members of the Cook County Bar Alliance, the campaign of Cook County Judge Mathias William Delort announced today that he had received a rare "triple" high ratings from the three major general interest bar associations. Delort is a candidate for the Appellate Court (Cahill vacancy) in the March 20, 2012 Cook County Democratic Primary. Delort received the highest possible rating, "Highly Qualified," from the Chicago Bar Association, which lauded his "knowledge of the law, work ethic, and organizational and writing skills". The Illinois State Bar Association gave him the highest possible rating, "Highly Qualified." The reform-minded Chicago Council of Lawyers rated Delort "Well Qualified," noting "He was well-respected as a able and well-prepared practitioner with good legal ability and temperament. As a jurist, he reportedly listens well and responds clearly and decisively. He is respected for his knowledge of the law and for his excellent temperament." All of Judge Delort’s five opponents received lower ratings from both the Illinois State Bar Association and the Council of Lawyers.

A review of past bar ratings for appellate court candidates revealed that there have been 61 Cook County candidates for the appellate court since 2000. Of the 61, only two – Judge Delort and retired Justice Alan Greiman – earned the "triple", receiving better than "Qualified" ratings from all three major bar associations. The campaign verified this data with Dr. Albert Klumpp, a statistician who has extensively studied Cook County judicial elections. Klumpp is not endorsing any judicial candidates and is not affiliated with the Delort campaign.

At a press conference today, the Independent Voters of Illinois / Independent Precinct Organization endorsed Delort, stating "Mathias Delort is a brilliant legal mind that deserved promotion to the Illinois Appellate Court. Judge Delort has a reputation of treating those who appear before him with fairness, humanity, and efficiency. Delort has a lifelong commitment to reform and ethics which will serve him well on the Appellate Court."