Illinois Governor Impeached

Rod Blagojevich served out his final day as governor of the State of Illinois after a unanimous impeachment ruling in Springfield today that removed him from office.  The vote was 59 to 0.  With this governor no longer in power what remains a question is what is Pat Quinn going to do as the new governor of Illinois. Recall that the state is facing a huge deficit, which Quinn will inherit. Hopefully, Quinn will bring Illinois back into a positive light.  As far as the impeachment, Blagojevich has already lost his security detail, his $177,000 governors salary, access to the governors mansion, and government vehicles.

You may recall that the governor went on a media blitz in an attempt to save his job.  As of today, those efforts were unsuccessful. He made a statement to the media proclaiming his innocence.  Aside from the impeachment, the now former governor, will never be allowed to hold public again in the State of Illinois, and he is expected to face federal charges stemming from a long investigation into the governor’s deceitful practices.