Illinois EPA to Resume Vehicle Emissions Test Notice Mailings

Secretary of State sets date to resume enforcement through license plate renewals

SPRINGFIELD –(ENEWSPF)–April 6, 2016.  The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (Illinois EPA) and the Illinois Secretary of State’s office today announced the resumption of vehicle emissions test notice mailings following a previous suspension due to the budget impasse.

In February, Illinois EPA and the Secretary of State’s Office made an announcement regarding vehicle emissions test notices and vehicle (license plate) renewal procedures. Illinois EPA was forced to suspend the mailing of vehicle emissions test notices beginning December 2015 due to the budget impasse. Vehicle owners whose license plates expire at the end of March 2016 were the first motorists who will not receive the vehicle emissions test notice.

Illinois EPA Director Lisa Bonnett today announced the Agency’s vehicle emissions testing contractor, Applus Technologies, Inc., has agreed to assume the responsibility of printing and mailing emissions test notices at no additional cost to the State. The mailing of test notices will resume on April 6, 2016. Test notices will be retroactive to the first motorists that did not receive a test notice. Motorists who have completed testing requirements will not receive one of the new test notices. The new test notices will be mailed on a postcard size form.

With the resumption of vehicle emissions test notices, Illinois Secretary of Jesse White announced his office will resume regular vehicle registration procedures effective June 1, 2016. At that time, motorists subject to vehicle emissions testing will once again be required to comply with vehicle emissions testing requirements prior to renewing their license plate.

Illinois EPA and the Illinois Secretary of State’s Office are committed to working with affected motorists to ensure they satisfy vehicle emissions testing and license plate renewal requirements. Information has been posted on the Illinois EPA website at www.epa.illinois.gov. Motorists in the testing areas are also encouraged to use the Vehicle Eligibility Check tool to determine whether a vehicle is due for emissions testing. The Illinois Secretary of State’s office also sends paperless License Plate Renewal Notices via email to individuals who register at http://www.ilsos.gov/greenmail/.  Motorists in the testing areas may also contact Illinois EPA at 847-758-3400 or 800-635-2380 for additional assistance.

Source:  http://www.illinois.gov