IL House Passes Legilsation Supporting Sale of Thomson Prison

SPRINGFIELD–(ENEWSPF)–February 22, 2010.  Last week, the Illinois House of Representatives passed legislation backed by State Representative Anthony DeLuca (D-Chicago Heights) that would require the proposed sale or transfers of state property valued at $1 million or higher to be approved by the General Assembly.  The legislation comes in the wake of Governor Quinn’s proposed sale of the Thomson Correctional Facility to the federal government.

“I believe that proposals to sell or transfer valuable state assets owned by the taxpayers need a methodical review by the General Assembly so that the input and opinions of our citizens can help guide the decision-making process,” DeLuca said.  “Important decisions on proposals such as the sale of the Thomson Correctional Facility that could have a profound impact on public safety, our prison system and the use of taxpayer funds should involve the General Assembly.”

House Bill 4744 requires the transfer of any “surplus real property” with a fair market value of $1 million or more to be approved by state lawmakers.  However, transfers between state agencies could exceed $1 million without requirng approval by the General Assembly.  Supporters of the legislation cite the need for an appropriate amount of input and consent from the General Assembly prior to the sale of high value state assets.

“When the state is dealing with important matters such as the sale or transfer of high value state assets, it is vital that we examine proposals through a transparent and deliberative legislative process,” DeLuca added.  “By having an open and honest debate on these kinds of proposals, we are helping to ensure that the public’s views are taken into account.”

House Bill 4744 passed the House by a vote of 81-31, and now heads to the Senate for further consideration.


Source:  State Representative DeLuca