Tuesday, July 28: Say Her Name: A Light Action for Sandra Bland in Chicago

Chicago—(ENEWSPF)—UPDATED: July 28, 2015. On Tuesday night, July 28th Project NIA, The Chicago Taskforce on Violence Against Girls & Young Women and The Chicago Light Brigade will answer a national call for light actions to lift up the name of Sandra Bland. Sandra’s death in a Texas jail cell, three days after she was unjustly and violently arrested during a bogus traffic stop, has moved communities around the country to demand answers. Since Sandra was from the Chicago area, local organizers feel it is especially important to show their love and solidarity during this difficult time.

“We have to lift up Sandra Brand’s name, and Rekia Boyd’s name,” says organizer Kelly Hayes, “and we have to remind people that these tragedies are all part of the same fatal illness. It’s a social sickness that’s killing people every day. It is racism. It is police impunity. Sandra Bland should never have been pulled from her car. She should never have been in that cell. She was brutalized. Her life was threatened. And now she’s gone. We need a national wake-up call, because Black women and girls will continue to be crushed and killed by this system so long as we allow it.”

Protestors will gather on the north side of the Michigan Avenue Bridge over the Chicago River, in front of the Wrigley Building at 8:30 p.m. After a speak-out, attendees will create imagery that will honor Sandra Bland’s memory and call others to action.

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Source: Chicago Light Brigade