Congratulations to Newlyweds Jason and Hana Durkin

Jason & Hana Durkin
Hana & Jason Durkin at their wedding reception Saturday. (ENEWSPF)

Bradley, IL-(ENEWSPF)- eNews Park Forest congratulates Jason and Hana Durking who celebrated their marriage Saturday in Bradley, Illinois.

Jason is the son of Mr. Errol Durkin and Mrs. Pamela Durkin; Hana is the daughter of Mr. Salem Chaaban and Mrs. Amy Chaaban.

Preparing to slice the cake
Jason and Hana, assisted by Jabril and Salem Chaaban, prepare to slice the cake. (ENEWSPF)


Jason and Hana Durkin stand ready to slice the cake
This certainly qualifies as a knife. (ENEWSPF)


Jason & Hana Durkin
Ready to cut the cake. (ENEWSPF)


Jason & Hana Durkin slice the cake
Jason & Hana slice the cake. (ENEWSPF)