House Speaker Madigan: Gov. Rauner’s Failure to Focus on Budget has Led to Crisis for Countless Families Across Illinois

CHICAGO – -(ENEWSPF)—October 7, 2015. House Speaker Michael J. Madigan issued the following statement Wednesday in response to comments made by Gov. Bruce Rauner on the state budget:

“As I have stated since January, the number one issue facing the state is the budget deficit. The governor, however, has refused to focus on solving our budget deficit, instead focusing on other issues. That decision has led to dangerous consequences by forcing the defunding of breast and cervical cancer screenings, child care assistance for struggling families, meals for homebound elderly residents and services for children with autism and other developmental disabilities.

“I’ve stated all year that I will work with the governor cooperatively and professionally, but we will not devastate Illinois’ middle class and struggling families by furthering an agenda aimed at driving down their wages and their standard of living.

“I have repeatedly urged the governor to focus on the budget deficit through a balanced approach of reductions in state spending and new revenue. The budget passed by the House included reductions in state spending, and we passed a bill that included $400 million in savings through the Medicaid program. However, a wide range of human service providers, education advocates, and even business groups like the Civic Federation have stated that Illinois cannot cut its way to prosperity.

“The governor can end the damage he has done to women who rely on life-saving breast and cervical cancer screenings, children with autism and other developmental disabilities, elderly residents, struggling families and other vulnerable populations in need of crucial state support by turning his focus away from issues that would result in lower wages and a lower standard of living for middle-class families and instead work with the Legislature to pass and implement a state budget with a balanced approach that protects the middle class.”

Source: House Speaker Madigan’s Office