House Museum in AARP Bulletin

If you got the March 2008  AARP Bulletin, be sure to turn to page 6 and read the entry on the reopening of the 1950s Park Forest House Museum.  The article lists the historical society’s web address, www.parkforesthistory.org.  We are hearing from people all over the country.  Some have lived here in the past, some are just excited that a museum like ours exists.  Several people have sent little memoirs for our memories page.  They aren’t up on the website just yet, but I hope I can get them  on the site soon.  We have gotten some more vintage Easter decorations, and our dolls are all dressed in their Easter best.  Gary, a former docent, stopped by this week to turn our Elgo blocks into a recreation of a rental unit.  I hope you can stop by to visit some Saturday from 1-3 p.m.  By the way, even if you still live here, you can submit a memory to go on our website.