Health Department Move To Village Hall Imminent


The Health Department’s new greeting area ready for painting and the floor installation. (Photo: ENEWSPF)

Park Forest, IL—(ENEWSPF)— Construction on the lower level of Village Hall nearing completion, the Park Forest Health Department will soon be moving to its new location.  Drywall is in place, and the rooms will be painted soon.

Later this month, visitors to the Health Department’s will enter from either via stairs or by taking the elevator to the lower level.  The waiting area has sunlight filtering in through the skylight fixture installed on the first level of Village Hall. 

In addition to offices for staff, the space includes several examination rooms, and a community room which Recreation and Parks will also use for some activities.  As opposed to the Health Department’s current location, these examination rooms have sinks.

The Health Department will not use all of the basement area.  Some rooms will be set aside for storage, and perhaps utilized for other purposes in the future.  One large gathering room may be used by the Recreation and Parks department, possibly as a meeting room for art classes or other activities.

The estimated projected cost is between $650,000 and $750,000.  The money for the project was taken from the Village’s reserve funds.  Village Manager Tom Mick says there was a 4 month reserve, and this project took that down to approximately a 3.3 month reserve.  Currently the Health Department is on a month-to-month lease at its current location with Aunt Martha’s.  Mick says the current lease is for $48,000 a year.

In its new location, the Health Department will pay no rent. Anticipated move-in date is August 15.

Title of story revised 9:41 a.m., changing "Immanent " to "Imminent "