Five Tips to Pick the Right iPhone Download Site

iPhone owners are the proudest techno owners of the latest technology gizmos. It is not surprising that they are looking for unlimited iPhone downloads to load their gadgets. After all, with an 8GB flash drive and battery life that allows for video playback of up to 7 hours and audio playback of up to 24 hours, you can listen to music on your phone for a long time. So here we are with 5 cool tips to pick the right download site for unlimited iPhone downloads.

Always do some basic homework first and look around for great deals. If you own an iPod, then you would be glad to know that several download sites also provide music, movies, videos and game downloads for iPods as well. So you get a 2-in-1 combo deal when you download your iPhone music and movies there.

1. Price of the Downloads – Free, Paid Per Membership or Per Download

This is important. There are many sites that offer so called free iPhone downloads. My advice is to avoid them all together. Why? There have been complaints from users about spyware, adware and virus exposures when downloading from these sites. The free services would require you to install client software and in the process, these harmful applications get onto your computer, resulting in slower PC performance.

Paid membership sites on the other hand charge you either for per download or a lifetime flat fee. Go with the lifetime membership services. You get unlimited iPhone downloads of music, movies, games, videos and software for a small nominal fee of less than $49 in most instances.

2. Selection of Media Files

iPhones are great not only as a communications tool but also as a digital portable player. There are membership services that offer you more than just music files. Top sites often also provide movies, episodes of TV shows, videos, music videos and even games. Do check the site to ensure that you are getting unlimited iPhone downloads with the most frequently updated services.

3. Ease of Use

The site must be easy to navigate around. You do not want to spend hours figuring out how to download music for your cell phone. Ready guides with concise step by step instructions must be available as well as a user-friendly download environment. They should also provide downloading software as well as file format conversion software for free so that certain files can be converted to iPhone-compatible formats.

4. Fast Download Speeds

Some download sites are speedsters while others crawl like snails. Since you are paying, why not get the quickest download speeds? If not, what is the use of having unlimited iPhone downloads when it takes forever to access them?

5. Technical and Customer Support

Make sure you go for services with excellent after-sales technical and customer support. This is important since many services often paint a nice picture before sales only to offer poor support after that. Fortunately, there are several top services that do perform well in this aspect.

These are the tips that would come in handy when you go shopping for a download site to download music, movies, videos and games for your new toy. Short cut the whole shopping process and read a review of where people are going for unlimited iPhone downloads for their iPhones at my music blog.

Davion is an ardent lover of techno gizmos. He runs a hugely popular iPhone review blog where he reveals where you can find unlimited iPhone downloads for pennies.

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